An Easy Way to Get Grand Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV

Did you know that you can turn in dungeon drops from level 50 4-man dungeons for approximately 150-170 Grand Company Seals? As a level 50 player, you should never have to go out of your way to farm for Grand Company seals thanks to this trick.

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How it Works
The supply and provisioning officer (known as a Sergeant) found at camps around the world (these officers are only found at camps that have Levemetes) will allow you to undertake “Expert Delivery Missions”. The officer in your company’s Grand Company headquarters will also allow you to undertake these “missions”.

When you click “Expert Delivery”, a list of dungeon drops comes up that you can trade in in exchange for seals. While the lower level equipment does not provide a noticeable amount, gear from Amdapor Keep offers ~170 seals for each slot. The key here is turning in armor and weapons from Amdapor Keep and The Wanderer’s Palace.

Since most players already have Darklight gear, this equipment usually rots during Tomestone dungeon runs. Most players do not realize that they can turn in gear for seals and those that do often either do not care or have leveled up multiple classes and are using these dungeon drops as alt gear.

Note: Only so many items will appear on the “Expert Delivery” menu. If you are hoarding a bunch of low-level dungeon drops, you may need to turn those in to clear up room for higher level items to show. If you have 100 possible items that could be turned in, only about 30 or so will show at once. If you have too many items, each time you turn in an item, a new spot on the list will be cleared.

The Rewards Add Up
Regardless of the reason why most players do not roll on these dungeon drops, the total amount of seals you can get from a run really adds up. You can get 4 pieces of gear from a single Amdapor Keep or The Wanderer’s Palace run, which converts into ~700 seals. Given that players need to do 8-10 runs a week to cap Tomestones of Mythology, this gives you the opportunity to earn ~6000-7000 Grand Company seals each week just by capping Tomestones.

Why You Want Grand Company Seals
Before you dismiss Grand Company seals as worthless, consider the following three uses for these seals:
1)Engineering or Survival Manual II: These manuals provide you with 50% bonus experience when crafting or gathering, respectively. If you plan on leveling up these professions, there is no reason not to build up Grand Company seals.
2)The Keeper’s Hymn: This item costs 10,000 seals and resets your bonus attribute point allotment. This is very useful for all players level 50 as your priorities change as you level up and get gear. Namely, all non-tanks who are using all item level 70 or less gear will want points in Vitality to help survive encounters. Since ilvl 90 gear (AF2, Allagan, and Relic +1) gear has so much Vitality, once you get a piece or two of it you will want to re-allot your stat points entirely into your primary stat as this will increase your damage.
3)Future Updates and Gear: Eventually, new levels of promotion will be available for the Grand Companies. The new level of promotions will also allow for new equipment and accessories. You want to be at the cap of 50,000 seals when the cap is raised so that you can get a head start on promotions and new gear rather than having to farm the ffxiv gil  for the seals later.

In short, roll greed on all the drops in Amdapor Keep and The Wanderer’s Palace and turn those drops in every few runs. You will rack up a few thousand seals in the process. Most players do not realize this strategy exists and as a result you can will win most rolls.