The easy &fast way for u to level up your FFXIV account

We all FFXIV fans may know grinding mobs in FFXIV can make gil, but only 0.01% of mobs can drop gil and while 99.99% of th mobs drop items only .So do u want to make gil without grinding mobs ?

gil making tips
ffxiv gil guide

How do you make gil then when u kill most monster drop useless item that sells only for few gils to merchant? Well, if you are seeking answers seek no further. I put up a small guide that will make you rich while you get a free ride from leveling.

The follwing is the list things u need to do:
1.Get retainers as soon as you finished level 20 story (Trail – Ifrit)
2. Always save items you get because you have no idea how much they actually worth.
3. All the item can turned into gils higher than the mere few gils that sells to merchant.

When u questing:Most of the time you got an option to pick your reward. ALWAYS CHOOSE ALLAGAN (bronze, tin, silver, gold, plat) PIECES unless the item you choose is a huge upgrade. You will change your gear often and most of the time dungeon will solve that problem.
Cash in all the allagan pieces from level 1-49 quest reward will earn you roughly 280,000 gils.

what to farm ?
1.If you see the mob from ‘FATE’ always grind those, they actually drop more than the normal mobs but only with a small problem….number of player participating the ‘FATE’. Even if you cant get items out of FATE, they are giving you good payments upon completion. Not to mention exp and faction towards your guild and grand company.
2.Sprites (Earth, Water, Lighting, Ice, Fire…ect) those are not worth to farm althugh they drop crystals but you can get them more faster through Discipline of Land (mining for example

what not to farm?
Speed runs:I know most of the people are not level 50 yet but as a guide that there are few dungeons you can actually do speed runs if there are no blocking path. And here is the hint how to do ghost speed runs.
If there are no blocking path, let your entire team stay at the entrance and have your tank hit sprint and run to grab all the treature chest in all of the rooms. (ingore all the mobs and use defensive cool down as nessessary) After all the chest has been grabed (tank will die) and respawn to entrance. Now if the tank can run to the first boss’s room and have all the team members follow (healer must not cast a single spell) then have the team membes stack to a cornor of the boss’s room and let the tank die. All the trash mob should return back to their own position and you can have the healer res the tank and get the boss without clearing the entire dungeon.
Althought this method is for more advanced players it is not good to try unless you have a team that has experience with the dungeon.

If u do all the steps above right when u get level 50 you should have sitting around 350k at your inventory.I know many gamer may complain earning gil is too difficult but getting fewer and fewer gil .Of course ,if u want do get rid of doing the difficult farming work ,u can just choose to buy cheap FFXIV gil at .here u can get millions of gil within 10 minites on all servers.If u are tired of farming ffxiv gil all the time now u can have a break to check on ffxiv4gil, u will be surprised at the amazing price on it .So now let’s go !