Not sure which quests are really worth completing in Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Learn new, smart techniques to hit the level cap with the class and job of your choice
within a week. Watch as your equipment and Final Fantasy XIV Gil worries fade away
while crafting fast and profitable will come to you naturally.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil
Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Advice for step-by -step leveling
Are you falling more and more behind your friends on the leveling curve? Not sure how
you can catch up to them without losing a week’s worth of sleep? We got that covered. If
you’re sick and tired of lagging behind, check out the exclusive strategies featured in
this Final Fantasy XIV Gil Leveling Guide. We introduce ingenious methods that boost
you to the level cap in 7 days or less. This resource pool of leveling know-how guides
you to the easiest locations, the most rewarding quests and helps you cut down on your
leveling time in ways few people would have considered possible.
Extensive quest walkthroughs
Not sure which quests are really worth completing? Wasting time running back and forth
or missing out on great quests entirely? Consider switching from a trial-and-error
approach to questing to a ready-made, optimized questing path that’s laid out in easy to
follow steps by our NA Cactuar gil experts. In addition to providing a clear-cut
walkthrough, we give you valuable tips on how to complete them quicker and get the pick
of the crop when it comes to quest rewards. It’s that simple. In no time, you’ll be
breezing through Eorzea and its adventures to discover secrets and hidden gems in the
game! Think you’re ready for end-game content as well? It’s closer than you think.
Mastery of classes and jobs
Choosing the right classes and jobs for your character is not only crucial to soloing
and grouping alike, but also a science of its own if you want to get it right. This FF14
Gil guide takes out the uncertainty when it comes to picking and mastering classes and
jobs. Whether you want to be a Scholar, Alchemist, White Mage, Black Mage or Gladiator:
You now have a quick reference to making the right choices. In addition to going over
specific affinities, you also get familiarized with skill rotations, ideal stat
distributions and equipment advice that turns you from class-newbie into someone who
really knows their way around.