Pay attention to your ffxiv acc security

Currently, we have confirmed that a third party is using account names and passwords, thought to be obtained from security breaches of other companys’ online services, in attempts to gain unauthorized access to final fantasy  accounts.




If you are using the same account name or password as your Square Enix account on other online services, there is a much greater chance that a security breach at any of the other online services could potentially lead to your ffxiv char  being compromised.


Therefore, if you are using the same account name or password for your ffxiv  acc  as for your other online accounts, or are using a password that might be easily guessed, u may need change your password immediately


Also, please note that accounts that are suspected of having been compromised will have their access temporarily restricted. Once login has been restricted, an email notification will be sent to the primary email address registered to the Square Enix account. This email will contain instructions on how to remove the login restriction. Players will be asked to reset their passwords and log in again.


To further strengthen the security of your final fantasy xiv account, we highly recommend using a Square Enix Security Token to act as an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.there is a free downloadable smartphone app available,after u done that , your personal information and acc information will be safeguard !