As we all know the final fantasy xiv team are working toward release of patch2.1 , let ‘s get a peek at what we  can expect in the first major update for final fantasy xiv.  todays let’s focus on something about hunting



Housing Overview
Players will be able to purchase a house together with members of their free company. The house may then be used for a number of in-game activities.
* While there are plans to allow for individual housing in the future, only free company housing is scheduled for patch 2.1.

In order to acquire a house, players must first raise the rank of their free company and obtain a Land Acquisition entitlement.

Residential Districts
Residential districts will be instanced to accommodate fluctuating player populations.

Entrances to residential districts in each city-state may be found in the following locations:

City:Limsa LominsaGridania

Housing Area: MistLavender Beds
The Goblet

Entrance:Lower La Noscea
Red Rooster SteadCentral Shroud
Mirror Planks PierWestern Thanalan
The Eighty Sins of Sasamo
* Locations of residential district entrances are subject to change.

Acquiring a House
1. Purchasing Land
2.Auction System
3.Purchasing a House Permit
4.Building a House

With the release of patch 2.1, free companies will finally have a base of operations to call home. We hope you will enjoy this new addition to the world of Eorzea and look forward to the many related features that will follow.