Have you ever been aware of the significance of the jobs in the ffxiv

It is no doubt that every accessory in the game proves its importance, thus have you ever realize the importance of jobs in the ffxiv?

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In the game, a character must reach a certain level in the associated class and subclass, complete the ffxiv job quest, and then receive a soul crystal key item to acquire a job. See the specific job for the quest to unlock that job. To take on a job quest, players must present themselves in the associated class.

If you want to switch to a job from the associated class; for example, from gladiator to paladin, you’d better possess the soul crystal for that job, such as the soul of the paladin. Upon switching to a job, the exp bar will indicate that you are currently playing as that job. And the following list will give you the detailed explanation.

In the first place, select gear from the main menu. Then you should select the main hand gear slot. Next,you’d better select primary arms or primary tools for the associated class. Selecting the job slot above the main hand gear slot is also you should pay attention to. Finally, select the soul crystal.

Well, when you want to switch back to the original class, you ought to obey the following steps. Firstly, select gear from the main menu. Secondly, select the job slot next to the main hand gear slot. Thirdly , you’d better select the equipped soul crystal and remove it from the slot.