How do you get the cheapest RS gold?

buy runescape gold can be a nerve-wracking prospect. You get worried about scams and having your money stolen. You don’t know if their website is safe. How do you get the cheapest RS gold? Here’s a Runescape gold guide for you.Your first step is to identify a safe and reliable RS gold seller that will not take your money and run. I recommend IGXE. They are one of the largest sellers of virtual goods of online games on the internet since 2003. Most importantly, they are an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau so you know that they will not scam you.IGXE has the cheapest price that I know of. That’s because they are a very well-known and established seller that users trust. Their website clears a large volume of sales so they can offer the best price. Not only do they offer the lowest price, they also have discounts for large orders.

It’s possible that sometimes one of the smaller, newer websites will have a special sale on Runescape Powerleveling that is lower than their normal price but I do not recommend this since the price difference will probably be $0.01 per million or even less.Buying from a new, unknown seller is riskier compared to buying from an established company. Sure, you might be able to get the absolute lowest price but the difference will so small that it isn’t worth it.

What’s the point in saving $0.01 and risk losing all of your money by choosing an unknown seller? In my opinion, I’d rather have peace of mind knowing that my money is safe by buying Runescape Powerleveling from a seller like IGXE that I know is reliable. If you really think that the $0.01 will make a significant difference since you are buying a lot of gold, I urge you to check out the IGXE discount for large orders options first.Not yet convinced? Click here to visit the IGXE website and see what special sales and promotions they have like up to 10% cash back and other discounts.