RuneScape 10 Year wheN I acquired runescape gold

In April 2011, will mark the big 1-0 in RuneScape! Yes, in RuneScape will be ten years old in 2011, we believe that this is a very important matter, we would like to celebrate with you guys, the people who do what it is in RuneScape.

We are going to launch the anniversary during the week, the special surprise for you, but as the real success is in RuneScape to you, we encourage you to organize and run your own 10th anniversary party. To make the most out of your party, your family or your friends, choose a good location, such as skill Association, the bar or something, this means to you. Come up with some entertainment, such as RuneScape Kara OK, bars and even cabbage test or bombing, and then let your party started. If you want to purchase runescape money online, you need to find a good gold shop. Do you hear site, it’s a professional shop you can buy runescape gold cheap and safe.

The choice is yours! Here we will continue to be managed in the eyes of the community the best and most popular party, who knows, we may add an extra surprise or two! In order for us and the rest of the world to know your party, after the details of this topic.We received less than 24 hours in 120 million votes petition! This is a player we’ve ever received any votes so it’s time we move quickly to a qualified citizen to vote, let all the players to express their willingness to highest number of votes. We hope that our entire community decided for the first time in a referendum in the RuneScape game for their future, make sure you register your vote and make sure you let everyone know who plays / played RuneScape registered their votes in it!

On our gold shop, you can still get safe wow gold with a favorable price.Players who registered in the petition, the feedback in the forums and fan sites the names of their enthusiasm for the number of how you on this issue. Following a referendum to clarify exactly what we recommended back, or not, completely based on your votes. Referendum, but also gives you the opportunity to vote for free trade wilderness, “I do not mind either way” or “No” to return to the proposal “is.” Please read the following with your account and records to vote for you, as well as the option to see the results of the referendum.