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It a new week now! We have been announced that this week will see the launch of the songs from the Depths quest, with the Queen Black Dragon boss fight hot on its heels the week after. And I believe that some of you have experienced already.As we all know, over the course of the summer, we have been presenting Behind the Scenes videos every Friday which will obtain a window in the following week’s updates. In this, when the first Behind the Scenes video updates, customers could find out more about the quest, and get an understanding of what levels we will need to face down the Queen Black Dragon herself.

Besides, gamers also can get a inkling as to what rewards they will reap and check out loads of the concept art that helped shape this very cool update. For really big updates, there will also be mini-series that will tantalize and tempt.Do you feel that you can not resist the temptation to forecast the latest updates of RuneScape and rush to join the new game immediately? Well, no matter how eager you are to experience the updates, what I must stressed is that you need to take necessary RS equipments as well as other items.

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