The RS Gold PK system decription of Bloody journey

Some places have lakes, rivers and lakes where there are disputes. Poly swim the network “Aojian” PK battle system, is to let the players enjoy the sway of blood, to compete in martial arts theory.Poly swim the “Aojian PK model is divided into four peace mode, gang mode, team mode, and all modes of four, where peace mode is commonly used, is the PVE state without damage to players around. Gangs and team two modes are generally applicable to the collective Rush, to avoid friendly fire. This overall pattern is for any person to attack, open this model not only of getting into the danger of red-name status, are more likely to accidentally injure teammates and relatives, the players must be used with caution! Novice players entering the arena in order to protect of, poly Tour network “Aojian,” provisions that only 20 players can turn PK mode.

When the PK mode is turned on, the players simply hold down shift, then tap and hold the object you want to attack, you can attack him, attack target name red, here Xiaobian to remind everyone, best used with caution the group attacking moves, or to find a no man’s land children PK, so as not to harm innocent people, to add unnecessary enemies.In addition, PK is a life-and-death thing, the losing side will inevitably paid with their blood, players in PK tragic death, the system will randomly reduce 10% of the two equipment durable RS Gold.

Runescape game machine configuration do not ask, can a machine to open, there are plug-plug easy title with practice RS or the money to fight a lot. Majority is trying to chop wood sold to European and American players to do the task with specialized skills training for people, the game screen is very simple to do, but my personal game system that is more complex than the “World of Warcraft”, just like the Millennium The people said Xiuman all the skills to take decades. Of course,RS fans need a lot of Rs Gold and want to play a game first  is that your English  is very good and foreign exchange ok.Injured in Runescape food to pay back hit point. fishing is the main source of food and cooking fish to be cooked before you eat, so closely related. of woodcutting and fire making  is not important skills. Paying members edition woodcutting more important, because there are a lot of special tree, which is useless in the free game.

Runescape referred to as the rs , jagex LTD flash web development java class mmorpg games, game client do not have to be downloaded separately, if the machine is not installed java control, log in to the game for the first time will prompt you to install the java control. Runescape is the ancient medieval times to the theme, in addition to the sword fighting, and bows and  ranged, magic and with the assistance of God prayer Players in Runescape mainly by fighting for Rs Gold, the other as a secondary. Runescape In addition to fighting, there are other skills, mainly used to manufacture objects .