RuneZone offer a really strong model of what a fan site should be

Fan Site News

To succeed in this week’s event you’ll need to know your way around the RuneScape map pretty well – which leads us nicely into our weekly feature to highlight something cool we’ve found on a fan site. This week, the focus is on Rsbandb and their rather lovely interactive world map. We are real fans of how you can overlay transport mechanics on the map or jump quickly to popular locations – good work guys!

Finally, we have a special announcement to make. We will shortly be reviewing the way we support fan sites; we want to have a much clearer support structure and really recognise sites who go out of their way to promote a vibrant community, continually growing their sites through high-quality content and community-driven initiatives. Once we have the final fan site programme, we will – of course – share it with you.

However, in the spirit of supporting and recognising outstanding fan sites with thriving communities who continually work with us to evolve, we wish to announce that RuneZone are now a platinum supported fan site: the highest accolade that can be bestowed upon a fan site, and one which the entire RuneZone community should be proud of. Given the planned changes to our fan site support programme, RuneZone will be the last site to achieve the platinum ranking under the current system. We are entirely confident, though, that they (and hopefully many others) will fare just as well when we announce the new support structure rankings.

For us, RuneZone offer a really strong model of what a fan site should be, and the passion and drive shown by its founders – as well as the entire RuneZone community – has paid off. Congratulations!