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What drives you to give out honor points to other players? For me, it seems easier to award teammates due to the fact that I have more interaction with them throughout the game. This includes how they act in both chat and during important moments of gameplay. Furthermore it is easier to keep track of how your laning partner behaves, then the jungler, but I normally hit a roadblock when it comes to paying attention to other lanes. It’s all rather difficult to keep track of everybody on your team at all times while still performing well yourself.

For example, if I notice that my laning partner has absolutely no grasp on the concept of last hitting and lane control, I know they don’t deserve any honor. They just aren’t putting forth any effort. There are times though when a laning partner will really come through for you when you need it and do the right thing, such as engage fully on the enemy or back off when it’s too dangerous.

Warding is also a key part in determining a player’s participation. I know most people believe it’s only the job of the jungler or support to put out wards but it’s not always viable. When I have the extra money and slot, I will also pick up a ward or two to help out.

Junglers are a bit harder to keep track of, as they have to cover the entire map. They sometimes need to babysit other lanes more often than anything else and that can lead other lanes to believe they aren’t doing diddly squat. It’s not a simple task to be a jungler in the first place. You must not only support lanes that are in dire need of assistance but you must also keep up in experience and keep track of jungle objectives. I have gone through many games where the jungler can make or break the match. Sometimes it’s their fault for simply not paying attention to what it going on globally and other times it’s simply because they are getting counter jungled and ganked constantly. Of course, there’s still yet that one jungler who ignores everything and just camps the jungle minions, shows up into your lane to steal some creeps and then disappears again only to never bring anything to the table.

Team composition can mean a lot when it comes down to the bottom line of winning or losing. If your lane is matched up with enemies that are naturally counters to your champions, well then you’d better hope you have an amazing jungler who can turn the tides.

As you can see there are many factors, just within your own team, that determines how you expend honor points at the end of the game. Even more important in your choice isn’t just whether you win or lose, but how your team handles strife. There’s been many times where I’ve been on a team that got completely demolished but all the players stayed positive through the entire endeavor. That in my opinion deserves some honor points. Deciding to report a person or honor them can simply come down to how they both perform and their attitude.