Do enjoy good crafting systems in MMO’s

You get your first mount around level 19-20 from completing a specific main quest, it was fairly simple but one of the longest quests you would have done up to then as it involved killing some mobs in order to obtain 50 items (or it may have been just kill 50 mobs), after you had completed it you would hand it in to the NPC in which you would then go back to the main city and talk to some other NPC in which you would then receive your mount, I did like the idea that the mounts that you do get are different based on what race you are.

From the closed beta that I had played in the level cap was 35 and I ended up stopping about half way through 30 with good reason, one of them being that you only needed to get 30 in the CB to get some permanent poppet pet when the game goes into OB, but for gameplay reasons I just stopped because there was no point at all due to it getting wiped and leveling from 30-35 would take far too long.

The game is basically quest based all the way up to 30 (apart from a couple levels where you may need to grind the last bit of exp out) so it’s all smooth sailing and has a nice speed of leveling up so you don’t feel like it will take the next year to get to the next level…that is until you hit 30, the game goes into an epic grind mode and the exp difference to level from 29-30 and 30-31 is massive to the point where it’s practically x4 of the difference, so you’re basically left with no quests and some open dungeon to grind your levels through, luckily there was a lot of people usually going into the dungeon and wanting partys so it made that grinding aspect somewhat more fun, I’m just hoping that come OB/Release they will add much more quests into the game so it doesn’t turn into a grind fest as from what I’m currently aware of the game will increase it’s level cap, so if there’s still no new quests around that time then it’s going to be a major grinding game which I’m sure will be a real turn off to players these days.

PvP Note:

I’ll finish off with saying that I hadn’t yet done any PvP on the game, I had only watched a bit during one of the GM events and also watched one of the castle sieges that had went on, but from the looks of it there may be balance changes as for example the Warrior class seems to be somewhat over powered from what people are saying, one of the reasons being that they can keep spamming one of their skills that pretty much has an instant cooldown on the skill and if it is up against a sorcerer that’s in the fire tree (for DPS) then there’s a high chance that the sorcerer will just easily die, which is due to the fact that robe users like sorcs have a much lower defense rating, long channeling times on skills and no skills to really help them kite, it’s also really easy to close in on your opponents if your a melee character and it also doesn’t help the fact that range characters like sorcs really don’t have that much range on their skills, though I will quickly note out that due to the fact that this is all based around level 30-35 pvp and as far as we know this could change/balance out as the cap increases and we get more skills.

So is the game worth your time? the only thing I can say is just give it a shot and see for your self, it wouldn’t be a game that I would recommend to my friends simply due to how basic the gameplay is and it never really got any better, there’s no reason to party up apart from a couple quests pre-30, so what I’ll give is a rating with pro’s and cons.

Now I don’t know if this would be a pro or a con, there’s no real crafting system that involves leveling it up, all you need to do is simply take a manual of the weapon/armour/accessory that you want (you find the manuals from mobs) and the materials needed and then just craft them at the NPC, this kind of system can make some players happy and others unhappy as players do enjoy good crafting systems in MMO’s.