The FFXIV YouTube Channel

Square Enix has opened up a brand new YouTube channel for Final Fantasy XIV!

Check it out here.

In “Life in Eorzea” #1, Square Enix staff members give viewers a brief introduction to their characters and what they can do within the game.  Unfortunately, it’s all in Japanese, but here is what’s going on:

First, we are introduced to Riekom, Julia and Aratam, our narrators.  They are a Hyur, Lalafell and Roegadyn, respectively.  They comment that the alpha test for Final Fantasy XIV is finally set to begin, and for today’s video, they will give us a small tour.  As the three characters stand over a balcony, the camera pans and they wonder what everyone thinks of this beautiful land.

In a store, they take a look around and marvel at the large amount of goods lined up on the shelves.  You can see Riekom’s character give an enthusiastic thumbs up.  There’s even a small aquarium to view, but even more exciting: “Chocobo!” the three narrators shout in unison.

“Many different people are working throughout the town,” says Riekom as a Roegadyn pounds an ingot.  They remark how an Elezen begins to cry as she cuts open an onion for her cooking.  Some more scenes of characters whipping up food get Riekom even more excited.  Then all three are pleasantly surprised to see a hamburg steak being fried up.  Hamburg steak (hamburger meat served without the bun meatloaf style) is a very popular and common dish in Japan.

After the cooking tour is finished, Riekom then says she’ll introduce everyone to some of the character emotes.

“Lalafell!  How cute! It’s dancing!” they exclaim.

The video finishes up with Riekom apologizing for only being able to show eager adventurers so little this first time around.  But she continues to say we can look forward to seeing more parts of Eorzea in future videos!

“Look forward to next time!” they cheer as their characters wave to the audience.

Phew!  Fun stuff!  I wonder what they have in store next?  Hopefully some subtitles!

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