FFXIV-FAN Alpha Screenshot Analysis Translation

What is Final Fantasy XIV’s battle like? Analysis of the alpha version’s screenshot.

•1. Action menu icons
•2. Selective icons
•3. Character or enemy’s name
•4. Log window
•5. Mini map

Action menu icons

  • 1. Mode buttonThis switches between passive mode, which is the default mode, and active mode, the mode where the adventurer readies her weapon.During passive mode, you can change your weapon, which means you can do a class change. You can switch modes even when you are in cities. According to the Connect!On vol.41, which was issued on March 27th, while you are in passive mode, something will recover. Since it is declared that MP would not recover, it is possible that HP will be automatically healed up.
  • 2. Battle regimen/ buttonThis is the button you use to activate a battle mode which involves skills with multiple players.It seems like skillchain-type skills in FFXIV are done with this button. In other words, members of the party who want to take part in the skill chain must press this button.
  • 3. The mystery switch buttonDoes this button switch through action menu pages?According to the appearance of the screen, it looks like it shows the number of the page. Developers say that at this moment, you can set up to ten skills or abilities. So if it is the switch button, maybe you will be able to set more than ten skills as your character grows.
  • 4. Action menu paletteActions, abilities, weapon skills and magic set by the user will be shown here.FFXIV employs command battle style where you choose each action from this palette and fight. Each icon has gauge below it, and I think this is the active time gauge. This would mean there is a time limit set for each ability, and you can use it when the gauge is full.
  • 5. TP (tactical point) gaugeThe TP gauge is divided into six parts. From the look of the shot, it seems like the full TP is around 3,000 points or so. You can save it up by doing various actions such as attacking the enemy. Seems like there are special magic which uses TP. The article in Connect!On vol.41, predicts that skills will consume only one section out of the six.
  • 6. Item list buttonThis button opens the list of the items you have.It is not known yet on what situation you can use item during the battle, but it seems like items such as potions to recover HP or items which make monsters weak can be used by selecting them by opening the list of your possessions.
  • 7. Emote list buttonThis button opens the list of emotional exp ressionsThere must be a number of emotes in FFXIV. I hope they put in class-specific emotes.
  • 8. Main menu buttonThis button shows the main menu, which includes things like the equipment menuLike bags and emotes, there are so many user interfaces that it’s convenient that everything is fit nicely into a small area. Also, it is said that you can adjust user interfaces such as icons and windows freely, but things may be fixed in place in the PS3 version.
  • 9. Character’s name and HP/ MP gaugeThis is your character’s name and the HP and MP gauge.On the screen, Katayama is soloing, but party members’ status would probably be shown here if you are in a party.

Selective icons

  • 1. Selected activity or skill iconThe selected WS and abilities are shown hereThe gauge below the icon is the active time gauge and you perform the action when this gauge is full. Also, the curved gauge at the top left of the icon is power gauge. Power gauge manages the power of the skill. The higher the gauge is, the stronger the attack. Seismic Shock on the screen is a weapon skill (WS). It is not clear if this power gauge is used only for WS or if other abilities use it, too. It seems like we have to save up the power gauge to give more effective attacks.
  • 2. TargetThe status of the monsters you are targetting at are shown hereThe targeted monster’s name is shown here in Japanese. Peiste appeared in FFXI, too. The gauge below the monster’s name is his HP. Also, the circular icon on the left of the name shows the strength of the enemy’s party as said in Dengeki games vol.7. I think they are strong when this gauge is red and weak when it is blue. In FFXIV, most battls will be against multiple enemies, so this icon indicates the strength of the enemy party.

Name of characters and monsters

  • 1. Enemy’s name
    Name of the monster

    In FFXI, the monster names were only shown in Roman letters, but they are shown in several languages in FFXIV. This should reduce confusion for players who play in other languages. I hope that not just enemy names, but target object names will also be in Japanese.

  • 2. Character’s nameYour character’s nameIt looks like it is clear that you can give characters first and last names. According to the interview with Mr. Tanaka, users who move from different servers on FFXI may end up on the same servers in FFXIV, so they needed a way to manage names.

4. Log window

1. Log window
“General” shows general logs and “Battle” shows logs while the battle.

In FFXI, there was only one log window, but this time it is divided by tabs. As you can see from the log, the character is hit from the behind, so attacks’ direction and distance will be important in FFXIV. You can check this out by logs. Plus, WS has limited area and you can’t activate it if the enemy is out of that range, as in the screenshot.

(TL Note: The log says, “Ajattara hits Destiny Katayama from behind. But Destiny Katayama saw through the attack.
“Peiste is out of range, so seismic strike could not be used.
“Destiny Katayama parried an attack.” –Manly)

5. Mini map

  • 1. Your positionYou character’s position is shown in the center of the minimap.This mini map didn’t exist in FFXI. It also shows you your heading, so it can save you from getting lost. I think party members’ positions are also shown here.
  • 2. Other dotsEnemies are red and NPCs are in green.According to the screenshot, there are solo monsters, but it seems that more monsters are in parties. Personally, I would prefer a rectangular transparent mini map to a window that fades out on the edges.

Servers’ connectivity

Packets sent to and received from the server.

Information is sent and received back and forth with the server in online games. Bigger numbers mean that more information is being sent. When the number is zero, the connection with the server is shut down.

This screenshot is for alpha version, so there is a high possibility that the final version will look different.

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