FFXIV The Realm Featured Highlights

Answa here, bringing you the latest scoop from producer/director Naoki Yoshida on the

Full Active Time Event system for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. FATE will be a

primary system in ARR where sporadic events that start in the open world may be

joined simply by being in designated locations in the map at the right time. Once

joined, you have a set time limit in which to complete the mission parameters in

tandem with other players that are also present. After you’ve fulfilled a certain

criterion (healed your allies for x amount of HP and/or hit target monster(s) for y

amount of damage) the system rewards you appropriately as long as you have not exited

the general area where the FATE occurred (as in, The South Shroud, for example, not

the highlighted location). While the system does not require you to party up with

your fellow combatants, it is designed to inspire a sense of belonging and

camaraderie between those involved by sharing these experiences and interacting

during or after the event.
To aid those that would want to join, the area map will automatically highlight FATEs

once they’ve started. To make it even simpler, you will be able to hover your mouse

over the area to find out its name so you may decide if it’s more your flavor or not

(once you’ve previously been acquainted with them, of course). FATE will feature

integration of the level sync system so that you may participate in lower-level

battles without any stress (presumably so you may party up with your friends and

enjoy the content together!)

There will be many different types of FATE battles, with some having continuance with

subsequent FATEs. Yoshi-P gave us an example where there’s a bandit fort plump for

overtaking as part of a FATE which, once conquered, will be populated by friendly

NPCs. But the bandits won’t take the invasion likely! Soon thereafter, they will

come to take back their home and a FATE battle will ensue which will require its

defense. If won, you get to defend the fort in future battles. If lost, you get to

invade it once more.

FFXIV Full Events

In that same interview with 4gamer magazine, Yoshi-P let slip that Ifrit (and I would

assume all other Primals) can also be challenged through this system! Though worry

not—he won’t be appearing regularly in the field for open battle at release, that’

s reserved for later, since Ifrit plays a key role in ARR’s main storyline. Am I the

only one hugely excited by this? Can we assume, then, that this is how Free Companies

will later be able to summon the Primals, as Yoshi-P has previously stated? My mind

is reeling with possibilities!
Since Primals are a kind of Notorious Monster (NM), will other NMs also join the

fray? The answer is yes! In Yoshi-P’s most recent Live Letter from the Producer, he

made clear these fiends will (mostly) only rear their heads as FATE battles. Joining

this information with the fact that rewards from FATE will be distributed

automatically and based on merit, I, for one, am hugely excited as to the nature of

these rewards. Are they just EXP? Will there be gil involved? Will there be heftier

rewards for heftier foes? Ah, possibilities!

I’d like to take this time to be completely backwards from convention and introduce

myself rather formally as your Scribe at the very end of my first piece. The title

pretty much says what I’ll be doing in the team: writing! A lot! I’ll send news,

opinions, experiences, and many other things your way as often as I can get my hands

on things of the sort. If that sounds dirty, then good! I may even conjure up a guide

or two. Who knows?

Final Fantasy XIV Botanist Guide

Just starting out in Final Fantasy XIV? If you need a quick Botanist leveling guide

to help you get to the maximum level in Final Fantasy 14 then this is just for you.

Let’s get into it and figure out how you can power level up and avoid a lot of the

tough stuff that people go through on their adventure to level 50.

Use Botany to Level Up – Skipping Quests
Final Fantasy XIV 51ba427af491488b3250ebf4
While I think questing is probably the best way to level up, I’m sure that you want

to use your class and really try out the new profession-class hybrid that this game

introduces to gamers. The main difference between this kind of Botany and the other

kinds of botany/herbalism that other games have is the fact that you can actually

level up your base level by doing the actions involved in the profession. For

instance, picking up an herb or doing something similar will literally give you

experience as if you killed a monster. This is the fundamental difference and one

that I think you will enjoy since it takes out a lot of the grinding that we’re used


Quest & Stick to One Place to Level Up

If you do want to power level and hit 50 as fast as possible then I think it’s

probably best to still quest. It’s really the most efficient, even though you can

“herb” your way to 50. Whatever you choose, you should probably throw in a few quests

every now and then regardless, and sticking to one place will help you out tons too.

Instead of traveling around picking up quests, doing them all, then turning them all

in – you should do one spot at a time and really knock them out. This will make sure

that your experience per hour stays up and you don’t waste time while traveling to

turn them in.

Avoid Hard Quests – Important

Some quests take an hour to do because they ask you to do some really, really out of

the way things. Like pick up a rare item that is never there, or run to the other

part of the world. Skip these quests – you’ll be sorry if you do them!

Using A Step by Step Guide To Start Leveling Up Faster Then Ever Before

It’s recommended that if you are in a need to level up really fast, that you use a

step by step guide that will teach you the best leveling routes, what quests to

accept and what to kill.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide to Equip Different Weapons

However, if you are missing one or the other, you can take the role, while improving

the same character. These special pieces of crystals appear to have the power to help

people in different ways. The Authorities were placed at several locations around it.

They can be found in many different places and everyone is going to teleport people

to different areas. During teleportation, the user turns into mist and rose again in

the new area and ffxiv gil in the game. The story of Final Fantasy XIV Authorities is

as follows. Nobody knows where they came from, who made them or how they got there.
Final Fantasy XIV image
The Final Fantasy XIV Aetherytes can be found within the cities and areas of land.

The citizens gave their name. Once a character reaches a Aetheryte for the first

time, the crystal is added to a list allowing the user to teleport to teleport at any

time that the crystal in the future. After all, even if everyone can play a healer or

a tank, not everyone wants. The Authorities also restore all HP (health points) and

MP (mana), act as a deformation of design based on points at home, and allow the user

to start any level quests in possession of this region.

There are things even more interesting on the final Aetherytes Fantasy XIV. With

Aetherytes, there are doors and nodes ethereal ethereal. The doors were also ethereal

and found very useful in many areas. These can be used to restore HP and MP as well

as fixed points at home. Nodes ethereal normally appears after a user has completed a

levequest. An interesting fact about these crystals is that as the leader of a party

has entered the crystal, the whole party can teleport with him or her, even if they

did not touch the crystal.

They are useful crystals that all players must locate and learn to use to their

advantage. These crystals can travel across the land very practical. It’s almost

always the case that there are classes more damage than to deal with healing or

tanking classes for everyone and buy ffxiv gil in the game, but it greatly reduces

the problem but not completely to solve it. They allow the user to teleport to the

crystal Aetheryte the search started from. Even the thought of the final Fantast

Aetherytes XIV are mysterious, they do not seem to pose a threat to anyone.

It’s great to be able to simply change your class at any time, by equipping a

different weapon. Bored to play a magician? Just pull out your sword and whack away!

It also reduces the inconvenience of finding a tank or a healer, you get in other

MMORPGs. Many times while playing World of Warcraft and similar games, I had to sit

for hours waiting for a tank or a healer. The Armoury Final Fantasy XIV system,

maintains the class structure of the more standard RPG, while having the freedom to

games like Darkfall, to play a role on the same character. In addition to solving the

problem of the constant re-roll, it can be immensely fun.

Fans Pay Tribute to FFXIV Music

Though Final Fantasy XIV has gotten “tuned up,” so to speak, by various gaming sites,

people are still being inspired to create their own works based on their adventurers

in Eorzea.  Whether you log in every day to pound dodos, or simply log into Amazon to

give the game 1 star, Final Fantasy has once again evoked great passion amongst

players around the world.
Final Fantasy XIV 51ba42b49670cc93d630bbb5
One of the defining characteristics of Final Fantasy XIV was, and still is, how the

game inspires the player base to create.  The memorable characters and locations have

supported countless art contests, the rich history spawned many-a fan fiction, and

the excitement of large-scale battles gave rise to e-peen videos and the eternal

question: “Hey, what song was that in the background?”

Though Final Fantasy XIV has gotten “tuned up,” so to speak, by various gaming sites,

people are still being inspired to create their own works based on their adventurers

in Eorzea.  Whether you log in every day to pound dodos, or simply log into Amazon to

give the game 1 star, Final Fantasy has once again evoked great passion amongst

players around the world.

One of the defining characteristics of Final Fantasy XIV was, and still is, how the

game inspires the player base to create.  The memorable characters and locations have

supported countless art contests, the rich history spawned many-a fan fiction, and

the excitement of large-scale battles gave rise to e-peen videos and the eternal

question: “Hey, what song was that in the background?”

Will Bold Statements Boost the Quality of FFXIV?

SE aims to repair FFXIV’s reputation by pledging fixes and reaching out to players.
We waited with bated breath for Final Fantasy XIV to go live; but when the servers

fired up, the game fell woefully short of our high expectations – and we let Square

Enix know it.
Final Fantasy XIV 51ba42b99670cc93d630bbb6
We criticized the retainer system. We ripped apart the user interface. We flamed the

server lag, the lack of a player search feature, the lack of quests and the behavior

of monsters. The list of flaws went on and on. And we weren’t the only ones who got

in on the flame fest. Bloggers and game reviewers got in on the action too.

On Friday, the folks at Square Enix responded.
Discuss this in the ZAM forums!

In one fell swoop, they restored much of the community’s faith in FFXIV by outlining

exactly how they plan to improve the game between now and December. More importantly,

they showed us that they’ve learned a thing or two about communication, and that

swallowing a little pride can go a long, long ways.

Everything in FFXIV Director Nobuaki Komoto’s message gave us reason to believe in

Square Enix as a viable MMO manager – and reason to believe FFXIV will be around for

a very long time.

The market wards will be fixed and fitted with search functions, but in a way that

preserves this unique approach to facilitating a player-based economy. Server lag

will be addressed in a way nobody should notice. Notorious monsters will be added in

guildleves and open areas. The cluttered user interface will be simplified. Seasonal

events are on the way.

Square Enix releases details about Final Fantasy XIV!

Square Enix, set to release their highly anticipated next generation MMO Final

Fantasy in just a little over a month to customers of the Collector’s Edition, has

released images and details on the two different editions. In addition, they’ve

provided details on how they plan to entice current Final Fantasy XI adventurers to

venture into their new fantasy world of Eorzea.

Discuss this on the ZAM forums.
Final Fantasy XIV 51ba42baf491488b3250ebfc
The Collector’s Edition (box art seen below) will be released on September 22, 2010,

eight whole days before the release of the Standard Edition, allowing the “early

birds” to have a whole week of fun before everyone else. The Collector’s Edition is

currently priced at $74.99.

The Standard Edition of Final Fantasy XIV (box cover below), priced at a lower retail

of $49.99, will allow players to begin playing in Eorzea on September 30, 2010.

A bonus that customers of the Collector’s Edition can look forward to is a Right of

Passage Document that details your character’s name, race, clan, birthdate, and

gender, issued by your starting city.

This document will be mailed to you, presumably after the creation of your first


A particularly interesting inclusion is a travel journal, which includes never-

before-seen concept art.

One can see this as a valuable item to have for Disciples of the Hand!

An authenticator, which features a new Final Fantasy XIV design, will also be

included with the Collector’s Edition, heightening account security.

Adventurers coming from Vana’diel will be interested in hearing about what bonuses

are in store for them if they decide to subscribe to both games.

Final Fantasy XIV Gives Nothing But a Moldy Cup

As a game portal editor, I’ve been paying attention to FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

since last year. The FF series can be said as a miracle in the game history. Since

the first title was released in 1987 (more than ten years ago), the FF series has

moved countless gamers, and attracted tens of millions of gamers from around the

world. Thus, Square Enix (SE) made a great stir when announcing to create a FF-based

online game on the platform of PC, i.e. FFXIV. FF fans also went crazy upon the news,

and thought the interactive world based on FF should surely be fantastic.
Final Fantasy XIV 51ba42bf9670cc93d630bbb7
Though SE’s console MMO – FFXI was not as satisfactory as had been expected, gamers

didn’t care at all, and believed that SE would learn much from it and better develop

FFXIV. I used to think so naively and give SE continuous support even when serious

bugs were encountered in the past several tests and FFXIV was in danger of being

started over again. I just thought SE’s technical power was great enough to solve the

problems and bring gamers a satisfactory FFXIV.

I once felt sorry for the failure to get qualified for FFXIV’s test because of the

busy work and language barrier, but later, my friends who’d tested the game came to

tell me that FFXIV was just “a piece of shit” successively. If only one person

complains to me, I may think that he/she is not suitable for the game – someone

doesn’t like slow actions, but many people prefer casual RPGs that lay more stress on

interaction to fast-paced, exciting games. And if 2 or 3 or more persons come to

complain to me, I’ll start to suspect.

Then came the game’s presale and official release, and finally, I was disillusioned.
First, I’ll show you a screenshot of something in the so-called collector’s edition!

A moldy cup:
The cup’s humorous instructions:
The bold Japanese words on the instruction manual mean: please don’t fill the cup

with any liquid or solid matters like the following stuff in case of unknown damages:

beverages with salt or other solid stuff, carbonated beverages, milk, milk drinks,

juice, etc. Well, so funny! This is really a “water cup” that can only hold water.

Then at the bottom of the cup come several words in bold – “MADE IN CHINA”.
It’s still unknown whether FFXIV will have a bright future or not. September 30 is

just the game’s official release date. Let’s just wait and see!

FFXIV NEWS – Tanaka & Komoto Interview

Right off the bat, Tanaka confirms that it was the plan all along to make “Rapture”

into the latest numbered installment in the Final Fantasy series.  However, he jokes

that they were not sure if Square Enix would have already made it to 14 during the

four years they spent in development, forcing them to go with Final Fantasy XV

Online.  Also, just as they did with XI, they wanted to show players that they had

full confidence in the game being worthy of the Final Fantasy name – a feeling that

may not have been conveyed by using “FF World” or “FF Online.”
Final Fantasy XIV 51ba42c19670cc93d630bbb8
Eorzea will differ from Vana’diel in a number of ways.  First, Eorzea is but a region

within the full world of Final Fantasy XIV, which will be named ハイデリン (ha-i-de-

ri-n).  This land will be blessed with high technology, but not to the point of more

sci-fi themed worlds found in Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy X.  This new MMO

will stay true to the fantasy-style roots of the series, while setting itself apart

as a completely different world than Vana’diel.

As we have seen in the trailer, all the races from Final Fantasy XI appear to be

present and accounted for.  Tanaka comments that this was done in order to add an air

of familiarity to the game, so the Final Fantasy  XI community would be comfortable

transferring over and trying it out.  However, while they look similar on the

surface,  they will be given somewhat of a makeover, which Tanaka says will include

new names for the races.  Many noticed the Galka-looking character in the trailer was

missing a tail.  Little changes like that will further define the races in Final

Fantasy XIV.  TaruTaru and Mithra fans can also rest easy knowing that similar models

will be waiting for them in Eorzea.

The developers attribute the long-lasting success of Final Fantasy XI to the Job

System, and plan to learn from it and greatly expand off the concept.  They want to

end up with something completely different, one that maintains this lasting appeal

for the player.  Instead of leveling up with experience points, weapons will play a

key role in how a character grows and develops.  When the interviewer asks if series

mainstays like Warrior or Paladin will appear, the developers simply hint that

nothing will be exactly the same as we know it.  No more grinding XP for levels –

they have something new in store.

So what is going to drive people to buy Final Fantasy XIV?  The developers claim that

Final Fantasy XIV is all about “growth.”  They laugh as they admit that “growth” in

Final Fantasy XI would often amount to an endless cycle of shoot-pull-kill, shoot-

pull-kill.  The new MMO will focus on the variety and accessibility of methods to

grow one’s character.  This includes an emphasis on attracting people who are not as

familiar with online games with a smooth progression of content.  Core fans can also

count on there being plenty of story-driven content and cut scenes to enjoy.

Everyone will be able to freely choose how and when they want to play, regardless of

style or schedule.

Players looking for action can start sharpening their blades in anticipation for a

battle system that takes a marked departure from Final Fantasy XI.  In order to make

the battles interesting and have lasting appeal, there will be a number of

strategical elements added to encounters.  They imply there will be a learning curve

of sorts – beginners can expect simpler fights as they get the hang of things, while

hardcore players looking to test their mettle can find serious battles that require

much more cunning.  It will not be realtime, action style encounters, but rather a

number of more cerebral aspects.

Career loners will be happy to know solo play is getting a lot more attention this

time around.  However, the developers are still going to have a lot for parties to

do.  The core concept is growth through one’s natural, everyday activities.  Perhaps

you solo a lot of quests, maybe you meet some people and band together against evil.

it’s all about enjoying the game in your own way, and developing as you see fit.

Here, Tanaka chimes in to express his preference for balanced parties, as opposed to

everyone meleeing at once.  When designing the party system, he made sure it would

facilitate more strategic setups, where everyone can play their respective role.

As for enemies, there will be instances where you face one at a time and others where

you take on a bunch, but nothing more could really be said, as it has not been fully

fleshed out at this time.  Tanaka admitted the Battle System as a whole has not yet

been perfected because that is something beta testers will need to take a crack at.

The interviewer also brought up PKing and PvP, to which the developers responded they

were considering options for the latter.  They explain that while the game will

involve cooperation, this does not necessarily always mean party vs. monster.  Still,

they say PvP will more likely take a shape similar to Final Fantasy XI, and they seem

to shy away from allowing players to simply fight and kill each other anywhere,

worrying it could lead to monopolization of content.

FFXIv account is so high-priced

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