FFXIV & New Samurai Class: Free PS3-to-PS4 Upgrade

In accordance to related report, a new Samurai class was added into upcoming Stormblood expansion, Square Enix announced. As portion of FFXIV’s Fan Fest event, the director of Final Fantasy XIV revealed the news, the Samurai is a melee DPS type, at the same time, making use of katanas, and make sure that it isn’t associated to any other class. Gamers are prone to buy cheap FFXIV Gil by accessing to https://www.ffxiv4gil.com.


Along with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV’s second expansion pack, Square Enix also revealed that it’s ending support for the PS3 version of the game. Director Naoki Yoshida talked during the keynote of FFXIV Fan Festival about how many former PS3 players have upgraded to the PS4 version, so Square Enix decided this would be the ideal time to put an end to the PS3 version. It’s also increasing the required specs of the PC version with Stormblood’s release.

In order to this transition easier for PS3 players, now that Square Enix is cooperating with Sony, and a free upgrade to PS4 version, concerning this promotion exactly details were not shared, but, as anticipated, stormblood is still the better part of year away. To reiterated, since the game’s launch, Yoshida said over and over again that the company thanks for the support it’s received from PS3 players, commonly, those on PS3 can continue playing, until Stormblood’s launch. More Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale, are you waiting now?

Samurai & Final Fantasy Futher Relevant Informations

As a new job in Stormblood, however, the fantasy MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV really acquires the samurai, Square Enix announced at the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, as anticipated, that the samurai as a new job, and it soon to be come Final Fantasy in June, Final Fantasy XIV more latest news, you can head over to www.ffxiv4gil.com.


The Following Is Samurai And The New Job In Final Fantasy

The samurai will be a melee DPS class, the “Katana” is used as a weapon, the job starts at level 50. The samurai will be able to deal with serious damage. He also uses techniques like “Iai” (Iaidō), the traditional Japanese “way of sword pulling.” Techniques of the “Sen” like “Setsu” (snow), “Getsu” (moon) and “Ka” (flower) are also used Role-play. The samurai can store energy in his katana, then unleash it in special attacks. Above we have embedded the first animations of the samurai in a short trailer. Do you want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil?

The Futher Introduction Of Final Fantasy XIV
The job quest will start in Eorzea
Timing will play an important role in his attacks
director “Sam Raimi” whose name resembles Samurai
The samurai has no class from which it is directly dependent
He will use the same armor that the monk is keen on – that is, Str-Gear
Naoki Yoshida has actually played with the Spiderman T-shirt on the Spiderman
Naoki Yoshida has presented the samurai in this outfit, but you need courage.

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NBA 2K17 MyTeam: Five Best Kia Most Improved Player

Myles Turner

Here reveals a list of top five picks for Kia Most Improved Player and you can make a comment to send us your picks.

Summer in NBA is where foundations are laid, the next step up the ladder is is climbed, where good can become great. There’s already room to get better and that’s why our annual Summer Dreaming series, looking way ahead at the award winners for the 2016-17 season, tips off with a look at the guys who spend their summer in the gym working.

Summer Dreaming: Kia Sixth Man of the Year

Steven Adams

Steven Adams
Steven Adams, Oklahoma City Thunder: Don’t think of him as just a sizable change of pace for the Thunder anymore. Adams has progressed way past the point where he gets onto the floor in OKC just to take up space and set an extra hard (dirty?) pick or clobber an opponent who dared try to take the ball to the basket.

Adams was so effective as a starter in his third season that coach Billy Donovan had to keep increasing his minutes until Adams became something of a monster in the playoffs. It was the quantum leap forward by the 7-foot Kiwi that enabled GM Sam Presti to shed the big-money contract of Serge Ibaka this summer. You can be sure that Adams will play an even bigger role now in the absence of Durant.

Myles Turner

Myles Turner

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers: The 6-foot-11 center out of the University of Texas just turned in a rookie season when he averaged 10.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.4 blocked shots (while playing just 22 minutes per game). He stepped into the hole left by veteran center Roy Hibbert and helped the Pacers start the transition to a new era while earning All-Rookie second team honors.

Just 20 years old, Turner took another step forward in the playoffs when he made himself a force in the paint at both ends of the floor. Team president Larry Bird is so high on Turner that the plan that is for Paul George and him to be the 1-2 punch going forward. Turner also spent the summer playing for the USA Basketball Select Team that practiced against the Rio Olympic team and impressed many of the All-Stars who make up Team USA. The summer spent getting guidance from the likes of coaches Mike Krzyzewski and Gregg Popovich should accelerate the learning curve and get the Pacers back to being challengers to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East.

 Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks: How can anybody forget the TV image of the young Knicks fan who cried when the 7-foot-3 Latvian was taken with the No. 4 pick in the 2015 draft? Then how could we all forget that young power forward got his feet under himself quickly and wound up averaging 14.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots and finished as runner-up to Karl-Anthony Towns in Kia Rookie of the Year voting? The second-guessing of team president Phil Jackson on the pick has stopped, but not Porzingis himself.

Long, lean, athletic and having already shown versatility, Porzingis has been constantly in the gym since the Knicks season ended back in April, working with assistant coach Josh Longstaff, who used to work in Oklahoma City. It’s far too early to make the comparisons to Kevin Durant, but Porzingis has range out to the 3-point line and has been concentrating on improving his shot selection. He’s only scratched the surface.

 D’Angelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell, Los Angeles Lakers: Is the enduring memory of Russell’s rookie season going to be the poorly thought out video posting of teammate Nick Young that brought his fitness as a professional into question? Or will it be the constant verbal beat
downs he got from ex-Lakers coach Byron Scott, who seemed intent on running a season long hazing ritual for his rookie point guard? Scott has been replaced by Luke Walton, the looming shadow of Kobe Bryant is gone from the Lakers and it’s time to start again.

The No. 2 pick in the 2015 draft is coming off a summer league stint in Las Vegas where he seemed to rediscover the joy in playing the game again. The confidence and swagger was back. He played free and loose and was often dominant. He pulled up and drilled 3-pointers. He laughed and he smiled. It is a complete reset for the Lakers this season and perhaps nobody will benefit more from that than Russell.

 Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes, Dallas Mavericks: You’d better believe the Mavericks (and the rest of the NBA onlookers) want to see Barnes improve after signing his $94 million free-agent contract over the summer. After all, a four-year career of averaging 10.4 points and 4.6 rebounds would seem to hardly justify the large payday.

However, Barnes’ numbers are in large part the result of the system at Golden State, where he was the fourth offensive option, at best. He had to find his opportunities as the ball moved through the hands of all those other All-Stars on the roster. The most shots he’s ever averaged were the 9.6 a game — and that was last season.

Barnes has moved to a Mavericks team that has had to rely too much in recent seasons on now-38-year-old Dirk Nowitzki, which will get Barnes more chances to show what he can do. He and Dirk should get each other more open looks at the basket and if the Mavericks make another run at the playoffs, recognition and honors could come his way, even if it’s more about opportunity than sheer improvement.

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode Connections Guide


Many players have little idea about NBA 2K17 MyCareer mode connections and rewards. Here we would like to share with you a guide on MyCareer mode connections and rewards. The following guide will help.

3. Boston Celtics


Dragan Bender | Israel | PF | 7-1 | 220
For all the talk about the possibility of the 76ers and / or Lakers making deals, the Celtics are probably the best candidate of all as a team pushing to get in position for a long playoff run now. The obvious need of adding outside shooting, especially behind the arc, puts Buddy Hield in the mix for the top three. But some teams think Bender has a chance to be great and one GM said he could easily see the Croatian becoming the best player in the draft in time. Bender is not Kristaps Porzingis no matter how many people want to make the comparison – Bender is a better distributor, Porzingis has better range – but the offense is very intriguing.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles

Ben Simmons | LSU | PF | 6-10 | 245
While Julius Randle just averaged 10.2 rebounds in his first full season, Simmons’ versatile offensive game allows him to fit almost anywhere. And if the 76ers pick Simmons, Ingram is a great fit for Los Angeles. The increased public visibility once Simmons reached college, as opposed to simply being tracked by the NBA from his native Australia to high school in Florida, was followed by the inevitable backlash. But Simmons was the consensus No. 1 at the start of the season and held the spot as his LSU one-and -done ended with the Tigers missing the NCAA tournament and saying they would not accept an invitation to one of the smaller postseason events. There are concerns about an attitude that comes across as, in the words of one GM, prima donna.

1. Philadelphia 76ers


Brandon Ingram | Duke | SF | 6-9 | 200
Philadelphia’s need for scoring gives Ingram the edge over Ben Simmons in what many teams consider a close call for who goes No. 1. Ingram was smooth as a freshman, with enough ball-handling skills to create his own shot on the perimeter or play above the rim when he moves inside. Even with rough patches in his transition to college, the NBA finds it easy to envision a small forward with great size who will need to get stronger as he gets older. Ingram does not turn 19 until September, just before training camp. “You can not expect anything out of him next year,” a GM said. “He’s so weak it’s crazy.”

Many players have been confused with the MyCareer mode connections and rewards. Hopefully it will be helpful to players.

2K Official: Team USA will be in NBA 2K17

Team USA

The rumors of the presence of national teams in NBA 2K17 are confirmed since after the announcement of the presence of Australia, 2K Sports has just formalize the presence of Team USA in 2016 in the game. The list of teams should soon available but at the moment no confirmation of such from the France team.

The last time the players were able to take control of Team USA was in NBA 2K13 with the team of 2012 but also the 1992 Dream Team Dream Team who will also be present in the 2K17 release.

Note that you can already pre-order the game, here for example.

Here is the press 2K Sports:

2K Announces Partnership with USA Basketball, the federation of the United States basketball, which will allow all the players in the team of the United States 2016 basketball, including his coach Mike Krzyzewski, to figure NBA 2K17 in the next episode of NBA simulation franchise best-selling and highest-rated *. Fans who pre-order NBA 2K17 will be the legendary “Dream Team” USA Basketball 1992 and a jersey My PLAYER USAB to make the most of their USA Basketball experience.

Team USA

2K also reveals that the famous coach of Duke University and the American team, Mike Krzyzewski, will make his first appearance in the NBA 2K series. Krzyzewski, nicknamed “Coach K” will be on the sidelines to coach the US national team in NBA 2K17. He will also appear in a tutorial revisited focused on learning the basic strategies of basketball with, among others, pick and roll, defensive positioning, ball movement, bounce protection and reading the game.

“Basketball is part of the history of sport in the United States and I am very happy that the fans can play with the size of this year’s NBA 2K” said Krzyzewski, who, since 2008, won four consecutive gold medals in international tournaments as a coach of the US team. “NBA 2K17 is the best way to approach the legends of the” Dream Team “while paying tribute to the talent of the workforce this year. ”

Composed of Legends Hall of Fame in the NBA, including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone and David Robinson, the “Dream Team” in 1992 is considered one of the largest, if not the most great, never made teams in the history of basketball. Fans will oppose this legendary team players to the national team USAB this year, including Paul George, who appears on the cover of NBA 2K17, and athletes Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving of Team 2K.

“We are always looking to bring the fans the best teams and the best players of the sport, and that’s what prompted this collaboration with USA Basketball and Coach K for NBA 2K17,” said Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing at NBA 2K. “We found no better way to wish good luck to the team in 2016 paying tribute this year to the legacy of the USAB while giving fans the opportunity to play with the historic team and the current team. ”

NBA 2K17 Standard Edition will be available in digital and physical format retail price of € 69.99 on Xbox One and Playstation4, € 49.99 for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and Windows PC. Due out September 16, 2016.

NBA 2K17 Legend Kobe Bryant Edition will be available in digital and physical format retail price of € 89.99 on Xbox One and Playstation4.

NBA 2K17 Kobe Bryant Legend Gold Edition is available for pre-order (in digital format only) and offers fans the ultimate experience in retail price of € 109.99 with the entire contents of NBA 2K17 Legend Edition and bonus items .

Reasons for fans to play ffxiv lalafell


Sure we all know they’re cute, they’re the Master Race, yada yada.We are collecting the possible reasons that many fans choose to play
as lalafell:


1. Maybe they wish to return to their childhood?
2. Someone once said that a lot of Lalafell players are uncles and aunties who wish to have children.
3. Since I’m a crappy player and I don’t want to stand out, I always use the shortest possible character in MMOs.
4. Lalafells are angels in this godly game!
5. But the most foul-mouthed players are also Lalas.
6. Lalafell angel picture please.




7.In the first place, other races are plain aside from Miqo/Lala. Everyone will choose them.
8.I guess they feel like pets, like dogs and cats.
9. Kick them into the air!
10.Aren’t there a lot of women who use Lalas? My younger sister too. She’s so compact she’s so cute!
11. I want to become small because my height is 180cm (5′ 11″). My friends exclaim with delight when they see cute high-heels and all I
can do is cry lol. At least in the game I can become small and cute.
12. Some Lalafell players are suspected of exhibiting early symptoms of childhood regression.
13. I’m a female myself and I wanted to create a female character. Wanted to try Miqo’te but there were too many of them so I gave up
that thought. On the other hand, even if I create a cute female Hyur it’ll seem like a mass-production model. And so I ended up with a
female Lala! I find it surprising and interesting that there’s a lot of individuality depending on how you create a Lala. I maxed the
size so I can see the armor but there aren’t many good looking armors in the first place. I’m depressed.




14. Scantily-clad Lalas are truly disgusting.
15. I chose a female Hyur because of the ass.
16. Once you get used to a Lala’s movements you can’t go back to other races. They feel too slow.
17. (Responding to poster above) – A Lala sprinting with all his strength feels good!
18. That Hyur ass is too good.
19. A lot of girls playing Lalas are old hags.

White Mage, Scholar and Astrologian ,which is the best healer to play

As all players know, there are 3 kinds of healers in Final Fantasy XIV after Heavensward online. It is a difficult question for new players who don’t have a healing job before. The workers in FFXIV4GIL are not only FFXIV Gil sellers but also players, what’s more, we have the most professional FFXIV Power Leveling team. It is very convenient for us to get more info from game. Here FFXIV4GIL shares some experience, it may help you to choose a healer.


White Mage
White Mage is the main healing job of FFXIV. They evolve from the class Conjurer. Using wands and canes, White Mages are capable of healing, buffing and reviving their allies. White Mages have all the abilities and traits of Conjurers. They can also use all the cross-class abilities of arcanist and thaumaturge. The most important stat for the white mage is mind, which increases healing magic potency. The level of your White Mage is equivalent to that of your Conjurer. Becoming a White Mage is extremely helpful for higher levels.

Scholar is healer with fairies as their pets. Scholar is evolved from the class Arcanist, as is Summoner. Wielding books, Scholars have all the abilities and traits of Arcanists. They can also use all the cross-class abilities of thaumaturge and conjurer. The most important stat for the scholar is mind, which increases healing magic potency. The level of your Scholar is equivalent to that of your Arcanist. Scholars use books as weapons, and do not equip anything in their off-hand.

Astrologian is a healer job introduced in 2014 Fan Fest in Tokyo. Astrologian’s main weapon is the Star Globe. The job starts from level 30, will not require a base class. It employs the use of celestial magicks along with a divining deck in order to heal and support their parties.

Firstly, we recommend new players to start as a healer if your operation is not too bad. It is different from other MMOs healers in FF14 have quite considerable dps which could help you to do quests smoothly. What’s more, you can go into dungeons faster than other DPS jobs when you are waiting line for dungeons.

If you are a new player, FFXIV4GIL recommends White Mage more. It is needed in a large number and a little easier than Scholar. White Mage is good at healing a team at the same time. By contrast, Scholar is good at healing one player. And you must operate your fairy by yourself if you want to be a prefect Scholar. But Scholar is challenging and interesting.

At the mention of Astrologian, we have something to say. New players couldn’t choose Astrologian before they complete the main scenario quests. From the experience from our FFXIV Power Leveling team and our customers, Astrologian is not as good as White Mage or Scholar. But it is really a healing job that is quite different from the others. And the outfit of Astrologian is mysterious.

Where to Buy FFXIV Gil Safely for Heavensward

ffxiv tips

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Heavensward Guide: How to Play as a FFXIV Dark Knight

ffxiv :hw

FFXIV Dark Knight

If you’ve ever played any of the other tank classes before, there will be some things about FFXIV’s Dark Knight that do look familiar. However, Darkside adds an element of MP management that doesn’t exist with the other tanks, Paladin and Warrior. Let’s start with the basics first though.

During dungeons, you’re usually going to be fighting groups of two to three enemies more. Pull these enemies using your ranged attack Unmend, which has the added benefit of increasing your enmity (or hate if you prefer). Once the enemies are grouped together, regularly hit them with Unleash, which dishes out AoE damage that also increases enmity. Be careful though, as Unleash does drain your MP. Once you’ve got all the enemies together (and pointed away from the other party members, especially the healer), begin your Hard Slash -> Spinning Slash combo which quickly builds enmity on a single target.

Now FFXIV’s Dark Knight has two stances that can both be used at the same time but have very different functions. The first is Grit, which is similar to Shield Oath on Paladin. It will reduce your damage but greatly increase your enmity generation and reduces your damage taken. This should always be on if you’re main tanking (read: any four man dungeon). Next is the ability you just unlocked, Darkside. Darkside rapidly drains your MP but in return increases your damage. With this on, you can greatly aid your team’s damage per second (DPS) but you’ll need to keep your MP intake high to maintain this.

While in Darkside, the only way to reliably refresh your MP is by using Syphon Strike after Hard Slash instead of Spinning Slash. The problem is, this messes with your enmity generation. The trick is to start off by building hate with Unleash and Hard Slash -> Spinning Slash (with Darkside on if you’re starting with high MP), but then once you have hate pretty much locked, start using Syphon Strike after Hard Slash instead, mixing in Spinning Slash everyone in a while if your MP is high. By doing this, you can offset the damage that is reduced by Grit while still maintaining all of its benefits.

While that’s going to be your combo rotation of sorts, there are other important abilities to mix in as well. Low Blow is an off GCD (read: doesn’t count towards your cooldown timer) Stun, but does have a cooldown before it can be used again. Stunning deadly AoEs are crucial to surviving tough fights as a FFXIV‘s Dark Knight.

Shadowskin reduces your damage taken and can be combined with Reprisal (which can be used after a successsful parry) to provide some quality damage mitigation. Finally, Scourge should be used as much as possible to keep DoT on your enemy and increase your party’s overall DPS.

And that just about does it as far as beginner Dark Knight tips are concerned in FFXIV: Heavensward. As you level up, you’ll acquire new abilities that you’ll need to work into your rotation. But as long as you understand the basics, you’ll be in a great position to learn how to use these new abilities with ease!