Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward New Race:Au Ra

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is coming in 2 monthes. Au Ra is a new race added in the new version. Today, we preview this race here.

ffxiv Au Ra

Similar to FF14 other race, Au Ra is divided into female and male.In terms of the appearance, they look like the Hyurs race. However, the basic feature is that they grow a pair of unique curved horns and tails. Their bodies are partially covered in scaled skin.The biggest difference between male and female is body type. The former is muscular, high and larger; the latter is slim, delicate and exquisite. For FFXIV players, you can customize their appearance. Youcan choose the horn size and shape and set the scales.

ffxiv image

Au Ra is from the eastern continent of Othard. They move fast and agile. You can choose them to build Tank or DPS classes. For me, I’m fond of this race. Let’s look forward to their coming.