Tomahawk, pike bowing priest – how to choose suits own manufacturing career

Sword axe, gun bow charm magic – how to choose suits own manufacture profession

FF14 NPC is not selling advanced weapons, generally wild monsters don’t drop the finished product and equipment, so the biggest source of equipment manufacturing. In general every combat career must be at least 1-2 in the science of uniting the manufacture profession to assist, otherwise in the wild have at ordinary times even can’t repair their weapons, weapons to use more than the number of times, bad faster, with a red weapons play blame will be very sad.

Manufacturing professional practice is not complicated, every 48 hours system will eight free of manufacturing task, the first day you enough Rank5, stick to one week Rank10 also is not a problem.

Fencing master

Recommend a manufacturing career: forging + armor, auxiliary mining

Fencing most early use of weapons for forging (late gold quenching poison), it is necessary to practice a forging.

Axe the warlock

Recommended manufacturing main job: forging, auxiliary fishing + gold, or wood, or mining

Although manufacturing formula is forging for the axe, but usually need Rank10 gold fish glue, and the fishing Rank20 isinglass and need Carpentry do wooden ax, instead, this is not difficult, to do friends can also, in general, if you practice and fishing gold to 10 to 20, you can make friends early axes with wooden poles.


Recommend manufacturing profession: the main leather workers, auxiliary forging or carved gold

Fighting with the fists some are leather workers, some of them are carved gold, some are forged, but other professional major in leather workers usually have no direct help, but the leather workers and small team must, all of the shoes and some gloves and leather workers to make, so fighting major in leather industry or recommend

Gun warlock

Recommended manufacturing main job: carpentry, and the auxiliary gold or forging or carved gold

Gun is of course the carpenter to build, but grips need gold oil, your gun and gunstock need forging or carved gold, so please take into consideration the collocation.

Bow the warlock

Recommended manufacturing main job: carpentry, auxiliary leather or the tailor

The archer is one of the largest professional combat, the early economic pressure is only recommended leisurely play the trumpet, so in fact manufacturing professional practice what also is not very important, will use basic carpentry repairing his bow.

Spell lock

Recommend manufacturing profession: the main gold, auxiliary to the tailor

Spell the main weapon is refusing to do, dress is a tailor, there is nothing to say, the team’s jewelry is to carve refusing to do it well. If you have a collection of underwear of bad taste, the tailor to 15 more than is necessary.

Magic sorcerer

Recommended manufacturing main job: carpentry, auxiliary gardening + gold

Magic at the beginning of the game is very simple, 1 bottle of liquid medicine + 1 branch, so it is recommended to use “the master carpenter, auxiliary gardening + gold” such collocation.