The Japanese game magazine in the latest edition of the final fantasy 14 features

The video magazine electric shocks, “king of the latest issue of the (474) will be collected after E3 beta version of final fantasy 14 intelligence has carried on the summary, players to understand the” final fantasy 14 beta version of the latest changes. The following are the main points of translation.

Character state

– need to use in the alpha upgrade points increases HP and MP and TP will automatically rise now.\”

– strength, stamina, agility, mind, intellect and devotion will need to upgrade points with ascension.

– fire, ice, wind, soil, water and electricity element attributes available element reward points.

– reaction, charm and luck properties has been cancelled.

– the physical elements and bonus points will be obtained when upgrading.

The monster body damage

Players can destroy the monster a part of the body, also can destroy the enemy’s weapon in the battle, when players do, some accident will happen. Sometimes, the enemy will not be able to use a specific ability, sometimes it will increase the number of dropped items, or some specific item drop rate will rise.

All kinds of action must be set in the main weapons or vice weapons

– action groove increased to 30. Each action will occupy a certain consumption, so even if the player action slots are available, but the action after consumption reaches limit will not be able to add.

– action must be located in the main weapons or vice weapons. For example, “square” action and shield, only when the deputies shields can drag action in the tank.

– action tank has three pages, each page 10. Only 1 page

– specific career action slot. The action of slot

– forging ability is only 1 page, ten empty seats.

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