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In that same interview with 4gamer magazine, Yoshi-P let slip that Ifrit (and I would

assume all other Primals) can also be challenged through this system! Though worry

not—he won’t be appearing regularly in the field for open battle at release, that’

s reserved for later, since Ifrit plays a key role in ARR’s main storyline. Am I the

only one hugely excited by this? Can we assume, then, that this is how Free Companies

will later be able to summon the Primals, as Yoshi-P has previously stated? My mind

is reeling with possibilities!
Since Primals are a kind of Notorious Monster (NM), will other NMs also join the

fray? The answer is yes! In Yoshi-P’s most recent Live Letter from the Producer, he

made clear these fiends will (mostly) only rear their heads as FATE battles. Joining

this information with the fact that rewards from FATE will be distributed

automatically and based on merit, I, for one, am hugely excited as to the nature of

these rewards. Are they just EXP? Will there be gil involved? Will there be heftier

rewards for heftier foes? Ah, possibilities!

I’d like to take this time to be completely backwards from convention and introduce

myself rather formally as your Scribe at the very end of my first piece. The title

pretty much says what I’ll be doing in the team: writing! A lot! I’ll send news,

opinions, experiences, and many other things your way as often as I can get my hands

on things of the sort. If that sounds dirty, then good! I may even conjure up a guide

or two. Who knows?

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